Presently Applying PSE 2018 to my computer

Finally figured out with all the numbers listed, which one was the correct Serial #. In the meantime patiently longing to paste it to my task bar & start playing with it.




Photoshop Elements 2018 – Mac|Windows

It’s on sale with $40.00 off, thus it’s $59.99.  My husband who is the details man wants to be sure when he buys it, that it will work with my Microsoft 10 computer, once he confirms it, he’ll tell me to go ahead & purchase it, so by this evening I should know if I can get it.  Looking forward to buying this, as I think this will get me back into doing digital scrapbook designing again & thus giving out freebies again.  I don’t mind learning new programs & usually use You-Tube tutorials, as I’m a visual person.  I also enjoy guesswork & love to experiment with the buttons.

Photoshop Elements 2018 – Mac|Windows

Here is hoping I can make some digital scrap pages for you all, soon!!



P.S.: I just bought it @:

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 (Disc) 

Same price as the other one, however without tax: my husband is good @ shopping for great deals!!  I will receive it December 8th, late in the day!!  ~I’m so happy!!  By Dec. 16th, Is my aim to get a digital scrap kit out to you all.

Talk Turkey

  • I did have a wonderful Thanksgiving, however must talk Turkey here.  I can’t roll back the drivers on Windows 10, though I’ve honestly been attempting to get my creative program PSP 9 to load, unfortunately it will not do it, due to driver issues which comes with Windows 10.
  • Wish I knew what I was in for: “A Brick Wall, that I’m finding impossible to jump over: not a pleasant hurdle by any means.”  My forehead is black & blue from the experience, its pain is revealing its ugly head with blood dripping down to my eyebrows, while I mop it up with a cold wet dish cloth & ice pack.  I typically love hurdles, however do not recommend this one for anyone.
  • I was asked to rate Windows, I gave them a 2 out of a 5, though I believe @ this rate, a 1 out of a 5 would of been a better score for Windows 10: I’m extremely disappointed.  They asked if I’d recommend it to anyone, all my friends are creative & I wouldn’t want them to experience the same pain in the neck experience I am having.
  • In the meantime, not sure if I’ll get over this Brick Wall of a Hurdle; @ this rate, I feel like crawling into a hole & setting a rock over top of it, however if anyone has any answers, I’m in need of help.  It would be a blessing if I can get my creative program loaded by some miracle, in the month of December, or @ least by the new year, so I can get the New Year off to an awesome start!!  Please pray for a Miracle: I’m going to need one @ this rate!!

Applying Creative Programs To Windows 10…….!!

Life sure has been interesting since getting a new computer: Trying to add my PSP 7 & 9 & finding out I have to update a new computer that is not old, in order to accept these Creative Programs: S.L.O.L.!!  It is exhausting: I’ve done research online & presently found something that might work after all this time of finding dead end trails that lead to no-where.  I’m hoping this works, as I just found it:


The one @ the top of course: Program Capatibility Trouble Shooter (I’m hoping this will fix the situation, as I don’t want to jump a 100 hurdles B4 I get to the bottom of this & solve the situation).  Lets hope this solves the issues!!  Strange, you’d automatically think a new computer would come already updated & ready to roll: I guess what I can say abt this regarding Windows 10 is: In my dreams it would be so easy.

Jumping hurdles & hoping I’ll be able to fix this problem soon!!  I’ve updated my drivers & have recently trouble shooted, thinking there was a problem with the Modules, of which the PSP when applying it to the computer gets stuck on (you can only wait so long before you know there is a problem, especially if you’ve applied your creative programs in the past & it doesn’t process it in a timely matter) & therefore isn’t able to download.


Time has been flying by…….!!

I’m happy with this new computer, however have issues with having to update my dll’s & well it being a new computer, you’d think I wouldn’t have to do it.  I’ve kept busy, however need to take time with adding the dll’s in order for my computer to accept my creative program: PSP 9.

I’m selling my ceramics @ the Boutique in town here this weekend, so I have to prep for that.

Then I have to make an online Essential Oils Order!!

After that I hope to update my dll’s & add my creative programs & post a Free Digital Scrap Layout for you all.

Thx so far for your patience in this matter.


BTW: I have an unspoken prayer to request, requesting those who are willing to pray for my unspoken!!  ~Thx!!

BTW2: Drivers are updated in my computer.  I need to add my PSP 9 to the computer, hopefully it works appropriately, cause it was depressing to find out that it wasn’t working on my new computer.  All should be well…….Will update you later!!