Car Accident Issues!!

What a year is had been!!  Whiplash & now problems with my eye’s.  I didn’t want to say anything prior, however due to recent eye issues, things may be changing.  What a year it’s been this far: It’s got to get better, right?  I’m sure hoping so.  My sensitive eye’s make me want to go to sleep & rest my eye’s & take another detox bath again.

The digital scrap kit is ready, just need to wrap it up & dish it out.



All Things New!!

Happy New Year to you all.

I know I’m running way behind schedule, life sure has its changes.  We have one dog trucking with my husband & two dogs are staying @ home with me, as we have neighbors that aren’t normally around & our dogs are having to make adjustments to things being different, as well as us.  Our hound dogs bark, & one of them louder then normal dogs, Asa has an ear piercing bark, he’s presently trucking with my husband: seeing as our dogs like to bark at the new neighbors.

The best changes I’ve made was in 1991 when I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior, & that is the them of this song:







MediaFire has been cleaned out, previous years files have been deleted.  2018 has New Files to Enjoy!!




Wicked Wreath: Mesquite!!


Wicked Wreath: It’s been a crazy 2 weeks, since I found this in my tire.  I had to have the tire replaced, & so my husband called & had to order 2 new tires & use one as a spare.  Easier apparently to plug the holes had it of been on the bottom of the tire vs the sidewall.  Shawn my husband had me check it out/test it: I did the soap test & also my husband had me pull it out, & when I did, lots of air came out of that small hole, so I had to plug it back up with the Wicked Wreath & then I trimmed it.  When the new tires were delivered I had Arts Auto put on my new tires.  My husband bought a Wheel & had my spare put on it.  My husband came home from Trucking this previous weekend so I’ve been busy around the house, & getting a new Internet connection hooked in & went to Tucson for my Two drs appointments, my eye’s & teeth have improved!!  On my way to my drs appointments, I was thinking of how I need to make some new kits for this month.  I believe I have some of it done already, however have more work to complete it: you all should have it as soon as I get it done!!

Blessed with New Tires & Improved health!!



Matthew 11:28 Scrap Kit

Matthew 11:28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  KJB

Not knowing this new program, I did my best with this digital scrap kit, I hope you all like it & that it is worthwhile to you.  I don’t yet know how to do the preview, however you know my work, so please load it up & enjoy it.  I’ll have to do more tutorials to learn more abt this creative app known as PSE 2018.

Sorry, No Previews:

Here is the links:











Photoshop Elements 2018 – Mac|Windows

It’s on sale with $40.00 off, thus it’s $59.99.  My husband who is the details man wants to be sure when he buys it, that it will work with my Microsoft 10 computer, once he confirms it, he’ll tell me to go ahead & purchase it, so by this evening I should know if I can get it.  Looking forward to buying this, as I think this will get me back into doing digital scrapbook designing again & thus giving out freebies again.  I don’t mind learning new programs & usually use You-Tube tutorials, as I’m a visual person.  I also enjoy guesswork & love to experiment with the buttons.

Photoshop Elements 2018 – Mac|Windows

Here is hoping I can make some digital scrap pages for you all, soon!!



P.S.: I just bought it @:

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 (Disc) 

Same price as the other one, however without tax: my husband is good @ shopping for great deals!!  I will receive it December 8th, late in the day!!  ~I’m so happy!!  By Dec. 16th, Is my aim to get a digital scrap kit out to you all.

Talk Turkey

  • I did have a wonderful Thanksgiving, however must talk Turkey here.  I can’t roll back the drivers on Windows 10, though I’ve honestly been attempting to get my creative program PSP 9 to load, unfortunately it will not do it, due to driver issues which comes with Windows 10.
  • Wish I knew what I was in for: “A Brick Wall, that I’m finding impossible to jump over: not a pleasant hurdle by any means.”  My forehead is black & blue from the experience, its pain is revealing its ugly head with blood dripping down to my eyebrows, while I mop it up with a cold wet dish cloth & ice pack.  I typically love hurdles, however do not recommend this one for anyone.
  • I was asked to rate Windows, I gave them a 2 out of a 5, though I believe @ this rate, a 1 out of a 5 would of been a better score for Windows 10: I’m extremely disappointed.  They asked if I’d recommend it to anyone, all my friends are creative & I wouldn’t want them to experience the same pain in the neck experience I am having.
  • In the meantime, not sure if I’ll get over this Brick Wall of a Hurdle; @ this rate, I feel like crawling into a hole & setting a rock over top of it, however if anyone has any answers, I’m in need of help.  It would be a blessing if I can get my creative program loaded by some miracle, in the month of December, or @ least by the new year, so I can get the New Year off to an awesome start!!  Please pray for a Miracle: I’m going to need one @ this rate!!