Glad Tidings

Links to digital scrap kit coming soon.  Working to update everything!!

Just for note-sake: I’ve reduced the amount of papers in my scrap kits to 20.

Links Below for download:

20 Papers:

Prt-1_Glad Tidings_Papers

Prt-2_Glad Tidings_Papers

4 Masks-N-4Frames-N-1 Cross-N-1 Bible Verse (KJB):

Glad Tidings_Elements

4 DecoTemplates:

Prt-1_Glad Tidings_Templates


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Harvest of Righteousness


Life happens & my Trucker husband was home, due to having to help me out & that I may make a long trip to Tucson for my Naturopath & Dental Appointment & get new glasses replaced into my frames.

Then we had a Vet Appointment the following day, of which he helped me deliver our new puppies to.  They get car sick, so we are trying to make their trips to the vets as comfortable as possible & help them get used to ridding in the vehicle.  We ran a few errands & as usual, we had things around the house which took more time out of our hands then we planned on.

I’m getting some peace & quiet around here now & am finally posting the links, which I hope you all will take time to enjoy!!  The element link has been updated!!

Harvest Of Righteousness:

Upon downloading the above links, you agree to the TOU’s weather you read/download them or not: it is in your lap now.  The TOU’s haven’t changed for awhile now, however change once a year (4notesake).

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P.S.  The present links above are alive & well: October 2016.  All previous downloads have been deleted, due to reorganizing files within Media Files.