Creative Traveler

Here is my introduction below:
Hello My name is Cyndi & I am 54 years old Married 19 years to my wonderful husband by the name of Shawn who is 48. When we got married, I moved from California to Vermont & now we live in Arizona.
My Creative Abilities:
I’ve taught myself how to use Paint Shop Pro: My creative abilities are limitless with this creative program: I create Digi-Scraps & Incredimail & Animations with my PSP-9. I’ve also taught myself how to use PSCS5.  I also Scrap by hand & create cards by hand, besides crochet.  I’m into Quilting these days, & enjoy classes on Mondays: Jewelry Making & Quilting.  I make cellphone holders & purses.
We Love to Travel:
My husband has been to every state & Canada as a Trucker.
I’ve been through most states & lived in various states & when I got married I traveled in the truck with my husband for 3 months after our Honeymoon in Hawaii. We’ve been to Asia: South Korea & to Europe: Austria & Switzerland & Germany & Italy & to Britain: England & Scotland.

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