A Father Teaches_Proverbs 4.1-2


Here is the preview to this months “We Believe Blog Train.”  Keep UR eye’s peeled, more updates to come your way, regarding links, & the Blog Train participating links.

I’m thankful for those who have subscribed to my blog, for though I’ve tried to post my kits to our forum, (I’m not able to post my Photobucket image above) so I think my designs have derailed, as for some strange reason can’t post my Image above @ the forum.  My stop may @ this rate go unnoticed: so please be sure to spread the word abt my huge Blog Kit for Fathers Day via the W.B.B.T.

Thx to Sherry who kindly posted my Preview @ the forum: as the forum wasn’t taking my posts for a time, then it wasn’t taking my images.  I never had a problem B4, so I find it very strange my Preview Image wouldn’t load for me.

Lots of links to come, so buckle your seat belts & enjoy the train ride:

Access 2 All Downloads in one link

Or download each link below:









Updated links above per request, though I will not be doing this to all previous kits prior to this one!!

Stop Links Below:

Let Me Be A Blessing

Crystals Colors




AM Designs


6 thoughts on “A Father Teaches_Proverbs 4.1-2

  1. So beautiful and generous!!! The masks are charming!!! The buttons are lovely!!! The frames are delightful!!! The word art is amazing!!! The templates are stunning!!! The papers are marvelous!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  2. I’ve been trying to download this set and it says that all the files are deleted. I’m new to blog trains, just having learned about them a couple weeks ago so I’m a little behind. Is there anyway to get them?

  3. It’s because it is an old Post: I can re-apply the download files for you & anyone else that wants that Scrap Kit. I will work on it today, so if you try it by tomorrow: It should be updated for you by then. Be sure to subscribe to my blog, or bookmark my blog: I have kits here on the 7th or 8th of every month, so keep that in mind & enjoy!! I have @ least 3 Scrap kits from the previous months that should be active, if you haven’t yet downloaded as yet. BTW: Thanks for visiting my blog & Enjoy!!

    Thx!! Cyndi

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