Longing For A New Computer


It apparently is going to take a lot longer for me to get a computer then I hoped. I’m guessing the Christmas sales will be showing up in November, & that’s when my Frugal husband will get me a new computer. Once I get my new computer, I long to make new digital scrap kits on it, so as soon as that happens, I’ll be dishing something out. Keep your eyes peeled & hopefully it will come soon.

-Take Care & enjoy my animation I made what seems like ages ago



Trouble Comes in 3’s:

Trouble comes in 3’s:
•Computer: Old one not working, @ this rate may need a new one.

•IPhone doesn’t upload pictures anymore to computer.

•Frame to Eye Glasses are broken!!

I had a little time to work on a kit, & then my computer crashed again.  I’m thinking @ this rate I may need a new one!!  Not fun @ all, though the thought of getting a new computer is, as well as getting a few new things are. If I get anything new, it probably won’t be until next month. So, just hang in there & a kit, should come your way, as soon as I can get it to you!!



Just when I thought I had time, my computer crashed!!

Life has been busy around here & had intentions of loading the kit, then computer issues came crashing down on me. My only way of accessing this site is my iPhone @ this moment. In the process of getting my computer fixed, unfortunately the kit is gone & I had made a wonderful template, which I believe is gone as well. It was a Blend-It-Template. Due to the crash, I may have to make a smaller then normal kit, to make up for what has been lost. Please hang in there.

Maybe I can imitate the Blend-It-Template that I made especially for you all.

Take Care-N-God Bless,


P. S. @ the rate this update to my computer is going, I’ll be blessed if I can dish it out tomorrow evening the 10th. @ this rate you should get it on the 12th, so please keep your eyes peeled.